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PR36 - $755

It’s a grill...

It’s a pig roaster...

It’s a smoker...

It’s a water smoker...

It’s the most versatile unit we have ever built!

There are no limits to what, and how, you can cook on the new PR36! Try a pork butt or brisket using indirect heat, then put the steaks, burgers and hot dogs on direct heat.

PR36 draft supply
Using the draft supply design found in the larger PR series provides a uniform heat source along the length of the cooker.

PR36 removable pan
A removable pan serves as a charcoal pan for grilling, a water/drip pan for smoking, and a diverter for indirect cooking.

PR36 Measurements
Overall Dimensions46"H x 43"L x 25"W
Grate Dimensions14" x 35"
Optional 2nd Tier Grate Dimensions13" x 34"
Net Weight175 lbs.